Installing Cordova CLI in Korora/Fedora

Cordova is a platform for creating a mobile applications using web technology (javascript, css, and html). By using cordova you can write the application once and then deploy it for more than one mobile platform (android, ios, windows mobile, blackberry,  etc.). You can read about cordova by clicking this link to get more information about the history and related stuff.  This article will give you a how-to guide to install cordova cli (command line interface) in you Korora/Fedora machine.

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How to setup your Fedora/Korora for Android development environment

In mobile world, android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems. Android could be like now because of Google good strategy by providing the android development kit not for specific operating system. So, in return many people can develop applications for android and then put it in the Google play no matter what operating system they use.

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