How to change Plank dock behavior on Korora 22 [Selina]

In late 2015, I decided to upgrade my hard disk to 1 TB and try Korora Linux distribution with my new hard disk. Korora Linux distribution based on Fedora, so it will not be difficult because I use Fedora Linux before.

The reason I moved to Korora Linux distribution is because the rapid release of Fedora Linux version that I don’t particularly like. Well, from a certain angle it is good to always have the latest updates from the kernel, software applications, etc. I am also happy to have a new update of the kernel or application software, the dislike part is the short period of release cycles which cause frequent updates and sometimes have to patch and re-install my Radeon driver to adjust the new kernel version.

In my opinion, the benefits of using Korora Linux distributions is to have the missing piece of the application that banned in Fedora by default. In Fedora, you have to install  manually to get the application relating to such things. It is totally not difficult. With a little effort of search through Google you can find many articles related with that each time when a new Fedora version is released. The articles will be entitled with “Things to do after installing Fedora xx

Okay, let’s start the main topic of this article

Plank dock is the only dock installed by default in Korora Cinnamon Desktop and the location of the plank dock is in the left and always hidden which is a bit uncommon for me. So, I decide to move the plank dock position from left to bottom and also I want the dock always visible and only hide when some application is active. Here is the way that I’ve been done to get the Plank dock behave as I want.

  1. Open terminal (by press alt+F2 and type terminal or click Menu -> Administration -> Terminal)
  2. Edit the plank setting file by using text editor (use nano as terminal text editor that installed by default).
    nano ./config/plank/dock1/settings
  3. Find the HideMode option and change the value of that option into 1 (this is for hide and unhide behavior of the dock – see the image)
  4. Find the  Alignment option and change the value of that option into 3 (this is for move the position of the dock to the bottom of cinnamon desktop – see the image)
  5. Save the changes that you make by press Ctrl+O and press Enter.
  6. Exit the text edior by press Ctrl + X.

Inside the plank dock configuration file there is a short and good explanation for each option. That explanations is written before the options and by reading the explanation you will know what must you do to get what you want from the plank dock.

Plank Settings

To make the plank preferences icon appear in the dock, add this option in the bottom of the configuration and set the value into true.


The last things is to restart the plank application. To do this, either you log out and then log in again or find and restart the plank application by using terminal command.


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