How to Hide Desktop Icons in MATE

I’m using Fedora KDE spins distribution and MATE desktop as the main desktop now. Before used MATE desktop, KDE as my main desktop and have been playing around long enough. I want to have a working desktop that is easy and light, and the most important is the icon indicators for application like dropbox,, skype are able placed in the systray.

With the new KDE Plasma, some of the indicator icons is disappear because KDE Plasma use a new way for displaying icons in the systray which have not been implemented in those applications. This is my main reason why use MATE desktop. After playing around with MATE desktop, finally I get used with the MATE desktop.

Basically, I like my desktop appearance is clean, not many icons or shortcuts appears in the desktop. Only the main panel above and the shortcut bar such as Docky or Cairo-dock. So, in this article I want to share how to hide the icons or shortcuts in the MATE desktop.

My desktop looks like the picture below. I want to hide icons, folders, and shortcuts from my desktop which is shown in the blue square.

Desktop Icon

It is simple to hide the icons, shortcuts, and folders in the desktop. Just follow the steps below and you can hide it.

  1. Press ALT+F2 which it will show the Run Application window.Run Application 
  2. Then type dconf-editor and press Enter. It will run the dconf-editor applications like the picture below.main dconf editor 
  3. Click  org -> mate -> caja -> desktop.Place to hide desktop icon 
  4. The picture above shows the options of computer-icon-visible, home-icon-visible, and trash-icon-visible. Un-tick that three options which will hide the home, trash, and computer icon from desktop. The result will be like the picture below.Desktop after icons hide 
  5. To hide the remaining folder and application shortcut, open file manager application (Caja) and drive to Desktop folder in your home directory. The picture below shows that the content of the Desktop folder is the same with the content of Desktop. Desktop directory
  6. This is the final steps. If the applications shortcut and folder is not important you can delete it, but if it is important you have to move it to another place. This action will  remove the applications shortcut and folder that remaining in the Desktop.When desktop-directory is empty
  7. Close your file manager (Caja) and your desktop looks like the picture below. It is clean from the applications shortcuts, folders, and else. Final Desktop when desktop-dir is empty

That’s all what I’m doing for make my desktop appearance clean from icons or folders. If you want to get back the icons, shortcuts or folders into the Desktop then you only need to do the opposite from the steps above.


N O T E :

The step number 3 can be replace with org -> mate -> desktop then un-tick the show-desktop-icons option. It will make all shortcut, folders, or icons in the desktop will disappear INCLUDING your right click menu on the desktop.


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